How to Put on Beautiful Bottom Lashes

Individual Lashes

Apply your eye makeup and mascara to your upper lashes, but leave your lower lashes clean and bare.

Dab a few drops of lash glue on the back of your hand. Having the glue handy will keep you from moving around too much. If you’re reaching for the glue and drop the lashes, they can be very difficult to find.

Use your slant-tipped tweezers to pick up an individual lash cluster — two or three lash hairs attached at a single “bulb” — near the base, not on the lash tips.

Dip the bulb lightly into the glue and wait 10 to 15 seconds. You want the glue to be a little tacky rather than wet so it adheres immediately to your lash line.

Tilt your head back and hold the base of the lash cluster just below your eye. Make sure the curve of the false lash follows the natural curve of your own lashes. They should curve out and point downward.

Set the base of the lash at the outer corner of your lash line, beneath your natural lashes but as close as you can get it. You don’t have to press the base of the lash against the skin for it to stick. Hold for about 10 seconds.

Add more clusters to each lower lash line, working from the outside in, until your lashes are naturally full or as dramatic as you would like.

Re-adjust or peel the false lashes away gently if you make a mistake. It takes two to five minutes for the glue to set, but try to reposition your lashes within the first few seconds to avoid any tugging at the eye.

Let your lashes set for five minutes once you have them perfectly in place.

Apply your makeup as you like. For a natural look, you don’t need any mascara on your lower lashes at all. If there is noticeable space between your real and false lashes, use a black or dark brown liquid liner with a very thin brush to fill in the skin that shows between them. When applying mascara, use black or dark brown with a thin wand to apply one coat. This will help your naturals and falsies stick together.

Lash Strips

Cut your lash strip in half. Half a lash strip is easier to control than the whole one and, since bottom lashes are usually very sparse toward the inner corner of your eye, you may find that half a lash strip looks more natural. If you decide to use the entire strip, you can still apply it one half at a time.

Apply a thin strip of eyelash glue to the back of your hand. Hold the lash strip with the tweezers or your fingertips at one end near the base of the lashes.

Drag the lash base in the eyelash glue and wait 10 to 15 seconds. Tilt your head back and hold the lash strip to just below your eye, so that the curve of the lashes matches the natural curve of your own lashes.

Gently hold the lash strip right underneath your lash line, as close as you can get it to your natural lashes. Make sure the entire lash strip is flush against your lash line, using your fingertip to smooth the lash strip carefully against the skin if necessary. Hold for about 10 seconds and release.

Adjust the lash strip within the first 10 to 30 seconds of application if needed. Apply the second half of the lash strip if you desire, lining up the edge just outside the inner corner of the eye. Hold it as close to the lash line as possible, making sure the entire strip makes contact. The lash strips may overlap slightly in the center.

Allow your lashes to set and dry for 5 minutes. Apply a thin line of dark brown or black liner if there is an obvious demarcation between your lashes and the falsies. Finish with a coat of mascara.


Saudi women spend big on makeup

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Green lipstick, blue lipstick and 40 shades of foundation to choose from are just some of the reasons 18-year-old Shahad al-Qahtani is excited about superstar Rihanna’s makeup line debut in Saudi Arabia.

Rihanna, known worldwide for her chart-topping songs and daring, provocative style, is wildly popular among the Saudi women coveting her new makeup line called “Fenty.” Rihanna and other celebrities like Kim Kardashian who experiment boldly with their hair color, makeup and clothes have become household names in Saudi Arabia, where fans can follow their every move on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

Their styles, however, stand in stark contrast to how most Saudi women dress in public. Many cover their faces and hair with black veils. Women in Saudi Arabia must also wear long, loose black robes, known as abayas, over their clothes in public.

“I’ve tried her brand in Dubai and I came here to buy the things that were sold out there,” al-Qahtani said as she selected products to put in her shopping basket from Rihanna’s Fenty line that launched Thursday in Sephora makeup stores across the kingdom.

Al-Qahtani said she likes to experiment with her style and bold makeup choices at parties and weddings where women are segregated from men.

Even though most women will cover their face and hair in public, makeup sales are one of the biggest spends among Saudi women. This is in part because of the increasing number of Saudi women joining the workforce who now have their own salaries to spend from.

The kingdom’s 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has also pushed through a number of sweeping social reforms in recent months curbing the influence of ultraconservatives. Religious police, for example, no longer patrol malls looking for signs of nail polish or women’s faces showing.

Unlike in many Western countries where more natural makeup looks are en vogue, women across Arab Gulf countries often lean toward bright, eye-catching makeup trends and accessories that offset the utilitarianism of black veils and abayas.

“As Gulf women, we love beautiful things. We don’t need an occasion for it,” said Najla Sultan bin Awwad, a mother of two in her 30s who started working for the first time last year at Sephora.

“We’re in an era where women are basically not even leaving the house without fake eyelashes on. We’ve started opening up in the Gulf and you’ll see women who cover their faces putting on colored contact lenses, eyelashes and drawing their eyeliner the way they want,” said bin Awwad, who spoke from behind a face veil that showed her eyes rimmed with smoky eye shadow.

Before working at Sephora, she said she used to spend nearly all her money on makeup.

“The reason my husband agreed to me working is because he sees how much I love makeup and how much I used to spend on it,” she said, laughing.

According to marketing research group Euromonitor International, rising employment rates, especially among women, have increased the affordability of beauty and personal care products, and encouraged consumers to spend more. Retail sales in Saudi Arabia on makeup rose from $410 million in 2012 to $576 million last year, said the report.

In 2018, the late King Abdullah implemented a decision to allow women to work in cosmetic and lingerie stores. The decision was largely supported by the Saudi public, though ultraconservative clerics criticized the measure and said allowing women to work in stores would open the door to lasciviousness and sin.

Empowering more women to enter the workforce is seen as a necessary step toward strengthening the economy and creating millions of jobs for young Saudis who will be seeking employment in the coming years.

Sexy Eyes: Eyes Are The Most Important Facial Feature

They don’t call the eyes the windows to the soul for no reason. When going to a bar and seeking out a date, or even when swiping around on your favorite dating app, there are specific features that you look for in a person. The prettier those features, the more attractive you’ll find them. Scientific research from 2014 reports that there are five features that people will go gaga over: your smile, your hair, your stomach, your breasts, and your eyes. Other research that delved deeper into the eyes as an attractive feature found that of 1,000 men and women, many agreed that the eyes are the biggest determining factor in terms of physical attractiveness.
All said, that easily makes eyes your most important facial feature. Whether you’re trying to find someone to date, you want to wow your significant other, or you just want to feel better about yourself, this is good information to know. However, you can always whiten your smile, get a haircut, do some extra crunches, and wear a complimentary bra. Besides colored contacts to alter your eye hue, which can be itchy, expensive, and annoying, you can’t really do much to change your eyes.
Well, so you thought. While a nice tube of mascara and a palette of flattering eye shadow is always good to have in your makeup arsenal, to really make your eyes stand out, you should consider getting eyelash extensions. No matter the natural color of your eyes, whether a pale blue, a strong teal, a soft hazel, a chocolate brown, or even a light green, the hue is beautiful as it is. All of these can be extenuated and made to look more prominent with a good set of extensions.
Forget the cheap, full sets of funky lashes that you’ve seen at the drug store. A beauty and good quality mink eyelash or  synthetic fiber eyelash  one by one, filling in sparse areas or lengthening all your eyes. The adhesive glue used will stick to the real lashes in less than a minute.

The eyes will always be one the most important facial features, and clearly one in which both men and women find very, very attractive. If you want your eyes to be one of the first features that others notice about you, consider getting eyelash from us. Check out our lashes here:

Turns Out You’ve Been Applying Fake Eyelashes Wrong This Whole Time

To fake eyelash or not to fake eyelash is a pretty huge decision to have to make before going on a night out with the gals.

The whole process can either go one of two ways – a complete mood killer when you end up with wonky lashes making you wish you had never bothered in the first place, or make you feel like the belle of the ball.

But whether you are a pro or a beginner when it comes to applying falsies, then you might be shook by the news that you have probably been applying them wrong this entire time.

Yup, backstage at a fashion shoot, Cosmopolitan overheard a mind-blowing make-up hack to help make your fake lashes look a little more unnaturel.

Well, it actually turns out that you are supposed to apply them UNDER the lash line, not on top of it. Yup. Mind blowing stuff.

A make-up artist at the event coated a thin layer of glue to the strip of false lashes as usual, but then proceeded to carefully apply the set underneath the model’s natural lash line using a pair of tweezers.

Apparently, the finished results were absolutely seamless.

The model also revealed to the magazine that they were actually the most comfortable way she had ever worn lashes. Pretty impressive stuff considering she would be sporting them on a daily basis, right?

Clearly a little disbelieving of the hack, the Cosmopolitan reporter even put the make-up tip to the test, vouching for the seamless application and comfortable wear once she’d had her own set applied.

She wrote: “I couldn’t even feel them under my lashes. They felt super-light, and then stayed on night.”

the luxury 3D mink lash

Now we just need to settle the debate whether you should apply fake eyelashes before or after your make-up.


Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets

We’re obsessed with our eyelashes. Faced with thousands of advertising images each day, showing women and men with amazing, perfectly lined and shadowed eyes, topped with incredibly lush lashes, it’s awfully hard not to covet them. But not everyone is blessed with such amazing lashes. It’s not surprising that our makeup drawers are filled with mascaraseyelash curlers and eyelash growth serum. We’re all after “the look”, and these products help us achieve it, sort of. But for special occasions, and even everyday wear, false eyelashes can deliver that uber-glam impact, pretty simply, especially when they’re made of natural mink. Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable.

False eyelashes can be made of many things, from synthetic fibers to human hair. But the hot ticket, for fake lashes is mink fur. We’re not just talking a simple row of strands, although some fake eyelashes do offer that for a more natural appearance. Mink eyelashes are ultra-popular because of their beautiful sheen, curl and shaggy look. When you see lashes described as 3D, it means lots of the fine little mink hairs are fanned out over one another, and when applied right, make a giant visual impact. Now, there are even 6D lashes, but as you might imagine, these are even longer, thicker and way more dramatic. No matter which fake eyelashes you choose, with a little practice, you’ll become a pro at application.

As you’ll discover, mink eyelashes are a bit more expensive than your drugstore variety fakes. Despite their higher price, one reason these false eyelashes are exploding in popularity, in addition to their beautiful look, is their long lasting wear. Some mink eyelashes can last seven to ten wearings, with careful removal and proper care. Other lash makers claim their mink lashes can last for as many as 25 wearings. Although most users would dispute that claim, they do say they’re much longer lasting and totally worth the extra investment.

As you peruse this list of the best mink eyelashes, keep in mind, your purchase doesn’t stop here. None of them are self adhesive, and none come with separate eyelash adhesive. You’ll want to order some along with your lashes, so you don’t plan for a big reveal and discover you’ve got no way to stick them to your lids. An eyelash applicatorcan help you to apply them with better accuracy. Also, be vigilant about careful removal and clean-up. Some lashes call for specific types of makeup removers, and micellar water is always a great option for its unique ability to gently dissolve away makeup residue, lash adhesive, and to safely clean your lashes to extend wear.

Mink eyelashes are a great and fun option to amp up your look, and when you bat those fluffy lashes, the world will take notice. Are you daring enough to try them? Here are our recommendations for Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets.

1. Most Luxurious Mink Eyelashes: 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band

Bold, sexy, and alluring, Ursula false eyelashes give you the best of both beautiful worlds. These fake eyelashes deliver great length and huge volume. Their multiple layered pattern shows off a natural, thick look that will make you feel like you’re one of Hollywood’s most glamorous women. Wear them for a special evening out, or simply anytime you want all eyes on your eyes. These mink lashes are made of natural Siberian mink which was harvested in a cruelty free fashion. Because getting the hang of false eyelash application can be tricky, it’s always best to use an eyelash applicator, which simplifies things and helps to keep unwanted stuff out of your eyes. High quality eyelash adhesive is a must, and there are lots of highly rated brands, even for the most sensitive eyes.

Price: $38

Buy the 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band here.



  • Real mink delivers an authentic look
  • Very thick and curly
  • Mixed lengths and pattern create a bold look


  • Pretty darned spendy compared to most

2. Normal Choice: 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes

When you bat your lashes with these babies, people with take notice. These fake lashes are popular with customers all over the world. No wonder they’re Amazon’s Choice in the category. These 3D mink eyelashes lashes look shiny and vivid. They can add a dramatic look to your eye makeup and boost your appearance instantly. Keep in mind, because of their thickness and volume, application can be a little more difficult, so these may not be the right choice for beginning false eyelash users. These deliver an amped up look, rather than a subtle natural appearance. The good news for everyone is that if they aren’t the perfect choice for you, CannesLashes will accept them for return and refund your money, as long as the packaging is still in good condition. After removal, consider a natural and organic eyelid cleanser to remove adhesive residue and makeup. Also, application is a lot more simple if you have a good lighted magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

Price: $7.00

Buy the 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes here.



  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Very full and fluttery
  • Great box to keep them stored safely


  • They look more dramatic than natural
  • Probably not best for beginners
  • Thick lash strip makes them harder to apply
  • Some lash fallout reported after limited use

3. Most Affordable Mink Eyelashes: Regular Mink Lashes

These beautiful, handmade fill strip mink eyelashes can create a naturally beautiful look. They’re easy to apply and can easily be reused if you handle them with care. These shiny and soft fake lashes can be trimmed with lash and brow scissors to perfectly fit the contour of your eyes, and the you can even snip to give them the exact look you desire. They can be removed easily with eye makeup remover. These  mink eyelashes were produced with 100% mink fur, so they’re hypo-allergenic and, also important, cruelty free.

Price: $4.50

Buy the regular mink lashes here.



  • Rated five out of five stars by users (based upon limited consumer reviews)
  • Very affordable
  • Five sets means the price per pair is downright cheap
  • Thick, full and wispy


  • You may need to use eyeliner or shadow to give a more natural lash line
  • Can be somewhat difficult to apply
  • Not as natural looking some

How to make eyes become bigger? The false eyelashes are the most important!

The wearing skill for false eyelashes is really important! As mostly beginners have not gotten the skill of wearing, so make much glue around the eyes, which makes the wearing effect is unnatural.







Actually, you eyelashes will be longer and warped as long as you get the wearing skills for false eyelashes.

Firstly, please notice the state of model with non-eyelashes, we can see that her eyelashes have enough length but not warped, so we should use an false eyelash curler to clip her own eyelashes before use the false eyelashes. This method can push the degree of adhesion between her own eyelashes and false eyelashes, we suggest she clip more times, to get more warped.










Choose the false eyelashes.

We choose the original design for 3D mink eyelashes in China, which has the top-quality and good looking.









Please do not put out the  eyelashes by hand directly, we should use the tweezer to get the eyelashes out softly.









And compare the length to the eyes. If you think the  eyelashes is too longer than your eyes, you can cut down to get the balance.








Apply the glue evenly, please notice do more and less, and wait for the glue becoming dry, it will be 1-1.5 mins, then use the applicator to help the false eyelashes bond to the front of her own eyelashes.


The last step : apple mascara to the brush to make the eyelashes more warped.

Now, we can see the effect before and after as following:





Learn more information, please contact us:

How to Get the Best Bottom Lashes of Your Life?

I have this theory about bottom lashes—they’re kind of an afterthought until you meet someone who happens to have great lower fringe. Then you start paying them the same mind as your upper lashes and it’s all where have you been all my life?

This happened to me after making the acquaintance of an Anna Karina doppelgänger recently. Her bottom lashes struck the perfect balance between Twiggy-esque and natural-looking. I could NOT stop staring, and it was then that I set out to learn about all things bottom lashes. Here’s how to make your lower lash line the new upper lash line:

1.Use a waterproof mascara. 

Celebrity makeup artist Michael Anthony believes a waterproof formula is the only way to go. Otherwise, you’ll pay a dear price by way of raccoon eyes. “Bottom lashes can touch the under eye concealer and the oil in the product can break down your mascara, leaving you with little spots or smudges under the eye,” he explains. You can also further shield the area by setting it with loose powder.

Our two shops  formulas are CannesLashes and Canneseyelashes (which isn’t sold in China, but you can still get  ) for bulletproof, all-day wear.

 2.Use a smaller lash wand.

Because you’re working with a more congested surface area, having a thinner, more tapered mascara wand will make sweeping from root to tip, and getting those hard-to-reach lashes, easier. A slew of brands have developed mascaras just for this purpose.


3.Change the way you apply it.“Lashes of different shapes and sizes completely change the way your eyes look,” explains Anthony. So when you’re applying mascara, don’t just go up and down, but experiment with the “Canneslashes” method: Pulling the brush through at an angle and spending extra time at the corners. It gives you a more wide-eyed look that might be more flattering to the bottom lash line.

4.Amp things up with false lashes. They can be trickier for bottom lashes, but there’s a major payoff. “My approach to bottom lashes depends on the situation,” explains Anthony. “For a natural, fuller-looking bottom lash, I tend to use individual lashes or clusters without a band.”

However, if you want to get full on J.Lo with it, you can use a natural-looking lower lash set (be sure to try out different lengths, amounts of fullness, and arrangements) with clear bands, cutting them in half, and using tweezers to place them as close to the lash line as possible. “If you want to lock them in, swipe on one coat of waterproof mascara,” says Anthony.

5.Try brown mascara. If you’re not looking for a statement per se, make like Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John, who likes to use a brown-hued mascara on the bottom lashes as he believes it’s softer and more flattering up close.


How to choose the best false lashes for your eye shape

Never think false eyelashes look extra false on some people? And yet others seem to pull them off with ease? According to some of Ireland’s eyelash artists, certain styles complement particular eye shapes better than others. To help you find the perfect lashes for your eye shape (whether they’re pharmacy-bought or professional mink extensions) we asked six experts for their advice.

“I always take my client’s eye shape into consideration before I apply a single lash. Everyone’s eyes are unique and their lashes should be too! For example, hooded eyelids have an extra layer of skin that sits over the crease, making the lids appear smaller. For this eye shape, we recommend a style that has longer lashes in the center of the eyes to open them.

Close-set eyes, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of space between them. To make them appear wider, it’s best to use natural looking lashes that are shorter at the inner corners of the eyes and longer lashes toward the outer corners. Round eyes have the same width and height. This eye shape looks best when longer lash extensions are applied to the outer corners of the eyes, creating a natural cat eye effect.”

“Your eye shape is definitely a big factor in finding a lash look that will complement you. Every set of lashes I complete are tailored to that specific client. Bigger is not always best! A lot of aspects come into play when deciding what look will work and more importantly, what will last. This is why a good consultation is essential! Make sure your technician knows what look you are hoping to achieve and together you can decide what will be the best option!”

– Olivia Fitzsimons, Olivia Fitzsimons Beauty

Lash extensions are not a ‘one size fits all’. Your eye shape should definitely be taken into consideration by your lash artist. Round eyes and almond shape eyes will need accentuating at different points, as will downward or upward sloping eyes. This should be thoroughly discussed in your consultation, as should the health of your natural lashes and your overall desired effect.”

– Rachel Bryan, Claudine King

“I always take my clients eye shape and lifestyle into consideration when applying lashes. If a client does not wear a lot of make-up and has short, natural eyelashes she will look ridiculous with very long, thick extensions. My pet hate are lashes that overpower the face. Extensions should enhance your eyes and face – I do not like ‘over done’ extensions where, when you meet someone, all you see are their lashes.

Almond shaped eyes suit most lashes, however other eye shapes can require a little more thought. For hooded eyes, I like a tapered look – curled at the outside edge and lengthening towards the middle, then tapering down again. This creates the illusion of depth. Round eyes suit a long, wispy lash that is slightly winged at the edges to elongate the shape. For deep set eyes, longer, thicker lashes will add balance to the face and ‘open’ the eye.”

– Susan Fox, Eden Beauty Group

“Eye shape definitely matters. If you have deep set eyes or small eyes we would use different lash lengths, curls and thicknesses. On consultation, I’ll recommend lashes to suit each eye shape and clients expectations.”

– Zanda Wait, Burgundy Beauty

“Here at the Blink Bar, we advise different shapes and styles to suit each client’s eye. Some lash extensions, if applied wrong, can make the eyes appear more tired and down-turned. Our goal is to make the client look awake and lifted.”

– Harriet Mackey, The Blink Bar

Qingdao CannesLashes are the original designer for the 3d lashes in the world. Click here to buy lashes.

Go on, flaunt those fake, flashy lashes

Whether you talk about celebrities on the red carpet, TV anchors, a former first lady or the barista at your local Starbucks, eyes are rimmed with thick dark fringe.

In this era, women of all ages have eyelashes so long and lush that a sideways glance is akin to a monologue on femininity, personal power and the irresistible pleasures of Sally’s Beauty Supply.

What was once make-up reserved for a special occasion has become everyday glamour.

False eyelashes are everywhere.

Delicate butterfly wings. Furry caterpillars. Spidery appendages. Lashes that recall a long-ago era – the 1950s and 1960s – of effort and agreeable artificiality.

Fussy, fake lashes are a counterbalance to today’s who-gives-a- hoot sweatpants and hoodies. And they are their own form of 21stcentury feminism – Chimamanda Adichie style.

If a girl likes make-up, “let her wear it”, the acclaimed novelist advised last year. “Women have learnt to be ashamed and apologetic about pursuits that are seen as traditionally female, such as fashion and make-up.”

Big, spiky, dramatic ones helped turn Kim Kardashian into a reality- show mogul.

Dense fluffy ones are fundamental to the retro glamour of singer Adele.

ABC drama The Catch would lose a smidge of its glittery, cat- and-mouse panache without the coquettish lashes of star Mireille Enos.

And wispy strips are part of the make-up arsenal of any female news anchor worthy of a close-up.

Since 2012, false eyelash sales have grown by 75 per cent.

By at least one estimate, it is a US$170-million (S$238-million) market.

And there is still room to grow.

Some wearers aim for subtlety. They do not want you to notice their lashes as much as they would like you to simply admire how their eyes just seem so big and beautiful.

Others revel in the sheer audacity of their falsies, layering two strips of lashes on a single lid.

So what if one strip is not quite tamped down? Yes, that is a cream-coloured blob of errant glue. There is glory in the fakery.

According to Eyelash magazine – a trade journal – the most indemand lashes are those framing the eyes of Kardashian, her halfsisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and actress Angelina Jolie.

False eyelashes are ubiquitous in other countries as well, says Mr Carl Ray, the well-travelled make-up artist to former first lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs Obama may or may not be wearing false eyelashes – one will have to zoom in close on all those fancy dinner and inauguration photographs and judge because Mr Ray is not going to discuss the state of her lashes.

Some natural lashes look robust, thanks to many, many coats of mascara. And some people use the lash-growing serum Latisse.

In general, however, Mr Ray does not recommend that clients wear false eyelashes to, say, a parent-teacher conference or the grocery store.

“I recommend them for pictures and special occasions.”

He adds: “When you wear lashes, you don’t have to wear much make-up. You’re always camera ready.”

False eyelashes “change the shape of your face”, says Ms Kelli Bartlett, director of make-up artistry for Glamsquad, the in-home beauty Swat team that recently opened in Washington, DC. “They elongate the shape of the eye.”

For those attempting the no- make-up make-up look, lashes become key.

“When you have a flirty lash and eyebrows, you feel on point.”

Ms Bartlett confides that she has been called “the lash whisperer”.

“I can get them on in under 90 seconds.”

Search Amazon’s beauty category for false eyelashes and one can find more than 15,000 listings. There are cruelty-free lashes, reusable ones, human hair types, synthetic mink options and real mink varieties.

Students of popular culture might remember that singer Jennifer Lopez wore red fox eyelashes to the Oscars in 2001 – along with a see-through Chanel dress.

And pop icon Madonna wore mink and diamond lashes during a promotional tour in 2004.

“Mink is considered the Rolls- Royce of lashes,” Ms Bartlett says. They are soft and light.

But, really, how heavy can even cheap lashes be?

One could go to a boutique cosmetics company such as MAC and spend US$17 on a single pair of lashes. Or, do what the vast majority of women – and a lot of make-up artists – do and head to the nearest drugstore for a pair of Ardell lashes for as little as US$3.99.

What is driving all the lash love? Reality television. Celebrities. And social media.

Make-up tutorials on YouTube, including one by Adele’s make-up artist, have demystified the application process, which frankly has not changed since Hollywood first started putting them on starlets’ lids during the early part of the last century.

“Think of the women in the 1960s and 1970s who put them on every morning,” says Mr Ray. “Practice makes perfect.”



Global False Lashes (False Eyelashes) Market 2018 – Recent Study Including Key Players, Applications, Growth Factors and Forecasts till 2025

The Global False Lashes (False Eyelashes) Market Research Report 2018 states that the market was valued at USD 30 million in 2017, which supposed to reach at the value of USD 30 million at the end of the forecast period between 2018 -2025 recording good progress with rising at a CAGR of 70%. On the basis of various parameters such as industrial competition analysis, product types, applications and geography.

Rivals involved in the Global False Lashes (False Eyelashes) Market or the entrants wanting to be, are required to attempt a thorough outlook of the industry, and keep up to date their market knowledge regarding a range of different aspects crucial in the competition among leading market players.

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According to the readers’ requirement, a potentially customized report can be provided if users have a different group of industry players or manufacturers as per the geographical needs such as the reports based on regional or country segmentation.

In addition, the growth rates and market shares with respect to the key regions, have also been mentioned in the report along with detailed inclusion of the key elements such as production data, revenue data and consumption data across the regions.

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