When you need the false eyelashes

Once the eyelashes are curled, false eyelashes are applied.

We apply the lashes as one strip. The lash is removed from its box, then wrapped around a pencil or makeup brush to curl the band. This will make it fit better across the curve of the eyelid.

Use a tweezer to hold the eyelash as you apply clear drying eyelash glue. A pin can be dipped in the glue then used to spread the glue on the band of the false lashes. It is very important to let the glue set for about 15 seconds until it is tacky. Using the tweezer, place the false lash at the edge of the lid. Use lashes the are graduated with longer hairs at the far corners and shorter ones near the nose.

Shorter, thicker lashes, rather than super long ones, work best for our girls, who usually are opting for that sophisticated career woman look. Tap the lash down at the inner and outer edges to secure it. With lashes in place, use liquid or pencil to line the eye on top and bottom, being careful to draw lines out and up rather than down.

Apply mascara to the lashes, including lower lashes. Give the mascara a few seconds to dry, then flirt and flutter. False lashes are easy to remove, just lift off, being careful not to pull the natural lashes. Unless lashes are very expensive, like the mink lashes I once wore for a photo shoot, it is better for hygienic purposes to toss them and use a new pair the next time. On busy weeks at the academy, our bathroom shelf can look like a caterpillar graveyard with dead lashes left behind after our butterflies have disappeared.


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